My Record Collection 207

Roger Waters – The main writer, after Syd’s demise, in Pink Floyd (see P) Roger was writing more and more deranged and vituperative songs.  After The Wall, which just about hung to its sanity, he came up with the dire The Final Cut – which was the final cut the quartet made.  His first solo album The Pros and Cons Of Hitchhiking (1984) was probably intended as a Floyd album, but the band had had enough of him, or vice versa and it ended up being a Roger Waters solo record.   I have never understood this record, and it is a it hysterical in places…I wonder what Pink Floyd would have ever made of it.  One or two half decent songs; the title track and ‘DunRoamin, Duncarin, Dunlivin’ and ‘In Every Stranger’s Eyes’.  But really a rather demented record.  Much better, and indeed – by far his best was 1987’s Radio Kaos.  Another concept album, purporting to be a radio station in L. A. with a Welsh disabled kid on a phone in.  However the story doesn’t really concern me – but the songs are much better, and stand on their own.  ‘Radio Waves’ opens the album and is a great snappy rock tune.  Other favourites are ‘Who Needs Information’ and ‘The Tide Is Turning’.  Best is ‘Sunset Strip’ with its chorus about Wales …. a blood red dragon on a field of green.  Of course, being Roger, the songs are pretty political, but they are actually really good and more commercial songs.   Roger has always traded on his and Pink’s past.  In 1990 he released The Wall Live In Berlin.  A slightly expanded version but featuring a host of guest singers including Joni and Van Morrison.  The Wall was now the Berlin wall of course.  A nice reminder of his finest moment.  Amused to Death came out in 1992.  A record I have never really liked, it seems overblown and boring and the songs ramble without focus.  Then a very long silence while Roger toured various old Floyd albums.  In 2017 he reeased only his fourth solo album Is This The Life That We Really Want. Well, surprisingly it is actually quite good, musically anyway – a few more modern beats rather than power chords and shouting.  Best are ‘Broken Bones’, the title track and ‘The Most Beautiful Girl’.  I also have a live album In The Flesh (2000) – at least half the songs are Pink Floyd, though done really well, and of those most from The Wall and Dark Side.  Not a bad listen.

Way Beyond Nashville This is another of those compilations, that promise much and deliver little.  Apart form a track by Steve Earle – nothing great.