Menu de Jour

Thursday 31st October

Earlier in the year, on a day when it was mostly raining and dour we drove into the countryside and looked at a few of the smaller villages.  One was called Montahus, and was pretty much nothing but a tiny Boulangerie, an Epicerie and a bar where we got a coffee.  Sitting there in a brief lull from the rain I saw a sign for a panoramic view.  We decided to investigate and the road led to a grassed off hillock with a spiraling path to the summit.  We followed round and round and eventually came to a ‘folly’ – a little shrine and a spectacular 360 degree view.  Elated we drove off to look for somewhere to have lunch, and just by chance saw a bar which said Restaurant Ouverte.  Expecting a real dump, because the bar was nothing exciting we tried our luck.  We had a lovely three course meal for twelve and a half euros.  They even prepared a nice vegetarian alternative for my partner.

Yesterday we went again, and the pleasant experience was repeated.  The restaurant was almost full too with local French people, always a good sign.  It is very elegantly decorated with white walls, plain peacock blue curtains and wide windows offering panoramic views over the rolling countryside.  The same jolly little French waitress who spoke not a word of English greeted us.  She spoke slowly and we explained about the vegetarian requirement.  Pas de problem – her starter was a lovely salad of lettuce, endive and walnuts, main was a mixture of vegetables; I had Pate de Campagne, Bavette and Pomme de Terres, and for pudding we both drooled over Grand Marnier covered crepes.  A delicious meal and all for just 12.50 euro’s, just over a tenner each.

It has now become a must-go-to, and must-take-guests-to destination each time we are here.  The little village it is in is very small with just a church, the Mairie, a garage, a couple of food shops and this one bar/restaurant.   But really either en France or back home it is now one of our favourite places.  The lack of choice – two mains and two desserts doesn’t detract at all.  The menu de jour is always parfait.