Lovely lunch

Sunday 13th April

Today (Saturday) started misty but by twelve it was really sunny, which was just as well because we had been invited for lunch.  Paul and Lyndsey, who we bought the house off eighteen months ago now had asked us over.  It was the first time we had been to their place though we had met them a couple of times in town.  It was out in the country and not overlooked by anyone, which is just as well as they are naturists.  Thankfully they and we were clothed today, though I for one wouldn’t mind a bit of nudity au naturel.

They have a lovely house which they have practically doubled in size recently with a brand new extension.  Gorgeous views too, and a pool and a lovely garden.  Not that we are jealous, our house is just perfect for us and we prefer being in town anyway.  We had a lovely cold salad lunch and a really good chat.  It was one of those days when the conversation was easy, when the food was perfect, the wine free-flowing and pleasant, a bit of sunshine and good company.  We were there for about four hours, and I felt that at last we were being really accepted into the life out here.

Home and I still managed a couple of hours of painting, so a near-perfect day.