Like a Comfy Pair of Espadrilles

Friday 26th April

I am back in Eymet, and have slipped into the place like a pair of espadrilles.  The weather is quite hot, and after a few sunny days in England – I mean hot.  Almost sunbathing weather.  The journey is dead easy, and I feel like an old pro, timing it to perfection.  The security still annoys the fuck out of me, even having to remove my shoes nowadays, and for some bizarre reason I seem to set the x-ray arch off every time and have to be patted down.   The flight itself is dead easy, you just have to completely ignore the cabin crew who try to sell you something at every possible moment.

Jackie, our neighbour picked me up and in no time I was back in the house.  I walked up to the supermarche and bought a few staples, and the new greengrocers for salads and the boulangerie for pain.  So, sorted.

I know I say this every time, but I could really get used to living out here, and may well do when I retire, at least for half the year, as most of the English do.  Though they do stretch it from early March to November.  And with the internet and cheap flights why not.

So, I am here for a couple of days of painting in the Garden Room, but tonight I am relaxing.

Au revoir pour ce moment.