Lewis Hamilton – a shoo-in for BBC Sports (Lack of) Personality Award

Wednesday 26th November

Okay, so he just happened to be in the fastest car and with the best team in the World, but he still had to drive the thing.  Lewis has been around for a few years now and we tend to dismiss him – and dear old Jensen too.  Occasionally one or the other would manage a podium finish, or even rarer, actually win a grand prix but there was very little danger of either of them overcoming the supremacy of Ferrari or Red Bull.  In fact when Sebastien Vettel won it four years in a row it hardly seemed worth switching the TV on, it was so predictable – only mechanical failure could stop it becoming a parade.

And now that he is World Champion again he must be a shoo-in for that most prestigious (and meaningless) award, BBC Sports Personality of the Year.  Two years ago there were so many Olympians and Paralympians that it was almost impossible to crown one over the others and last year Andy Murray winning Wimbledon just had to be chosen.  But this year, up to now who was there?  Our Cricketers were awful – as usual; our Rugby players uninspiring; our Cyclists rapidly being caught up by everyone else and our Athletes failing to achieve quite the heights of 2012.  That left Golf and Rory McIlroy I suppose, but he seems quite arrogant and I wonder how many people are that interested in golf anyway.  Football?  Did someone mention football?  Okay, so England have played quite well in the last few matches but they did really badly in Brazil.  So, Lewis I guess it must be.  Though one does wonder who came up with the title “Sports Personality” – surely an oxymoron.  “Sports Person” would have been fine.  So rarely do sporting heroes actually have a personality at all these days, so driven are they, so totally focused on winning that developing as a real human being seems beyond them.