La Vieux Porche

Tuesday 28th October

The little restaurant in Seyches turned out to be not so little after all, and the vieux in the name relates to the old arch in the town just opposite to the restaurant which is in fact quite modern.  Very tastefully appointed too and it doesn’t really feel very French.  Except for the menu it could be anywhere really, but it is actually a wonderful find.  We have already discovered our favourite place, Le Relais en St. Pasteur which is quite lovely but a long drive away.  La Vieux Porche is only about fifteen minutes drive from our house so is far more  convenient.

The menu is a series of formulas, starting at 16 euro and going up to 30, but believe me the 16 menu is plenty to eat.  Soup to start is either Potage (vegetable) or Poisson (fish)  followed by hors d’oeuvres which was plate of chestnuts cooked on bacon with some salami, simple but delicious.  The main course was a steak, the obligatory Magret de Canard or the Plat de Jour which last night was veal, beautifully cooked in a poivron sauce.  Dessert and coffee are also included and while not exceptional we would happily have paid five euros anywhere for my crème brulee and another three for coffee.  So great value – and that is before there is a carafe of vin rouge included, which I am reliably informed they replace free if you finish it.

And the price is only sixteen euro’s on Sunday, the rest of the week it is only twelve euros.  We had a great time, with seven of us on a spacious table and very good service, even to the point of them taking our birthday cake and adding candles and a sparkler for “Heureux Anniversaire”.

The amazing thing is that you can often pay double this price for a very mediocre meal even in France, whereas in England paying about fourteen pounds for four courses and coffee and wine is unheard of.