Just My ‘Magination

Monday 29th January

As well as being a great song by the Temptations, just one of Motown heroes, it is my almost constant companion.  And by the way I always heard them sing ‘magination, which sounded much better than imagination (it scans better too).

But what exactly is imagination?  I can remember being accused of having too much a few times at school.  I called it daydreaming, but it was just my imagination, running away with me; taking me places I had only read the name of, becoming another person entirely, being loved by exotic women – or just any women.  And I would retreat into my imagination whenever I could; as the teacher droned on and on, scribbling algebraic equations on the blackboard, I was miles away – and in a far better place I can assure you. Imagination is I am sure a part of the unconscious mind which keeps intruding (Intruding? I welcome the bugger in) on real life.  And the life of the imagination is so much more rewarding than real life with all its compromises and failures and problems.

Maybe that is why I find it quite easy to write, especially as another first person narrator – I just let my imagination drift and I become someone else entirely.

And maybe without imagination, we would never have been such a successful species.  It is only by not accepting the world as we see it, but creating what we can only imagine that most Art is achieved.  I used to dream of being a film director, converting the book I was reading into Cinemascope, long tracking shots and inter-cuts,  I think I would have been really good at it, if real life hadn’t taken me down a different garden path.  I ‘magined myself as a rock star, though I cannot sing a note (mind you that never stopped anyone) and I still drift away and sing quietly along with my musical heroes.

And whatever the teachers tell you children – there is nothing wrong with daydreaming – its just your imagination, running away with you.  Let it run kiddo…