Invasion of the Sausage Snatchers

Friday 22nd June

Maybe our lives are just too busy, or we fail to communicate properly but quite often my partner and I will both decide to buy food for that evening’s meal.  She is a vegetarian, and rather than cook two meals I invariably forego the dubious carnal pleasures and eat something ‘veggie’ too.  Last night we both came home with Quorn sausages – actually if only they would come up with a better name these might be a bit more popular; they don’t taste so bad, though sausage shaped they lack that special porkiness of real sausages.  Anyway we were both looking forward to ‘sausages’, mash and onion gravy.  The potatoes were in the steamer, the onions fried and the ‘sausages’ gently browning.  At this point I must add that I had decided to cook the whole 2.5kg bag of potatoes and the whole pack of 8 sausages, a meal for four easily, but easy to reheat for that late night snack.   Just as it was ready to put on the plates, and our appetites sharply aroused by the smell of onions and sausage frying the doorbell rang.  Well of course the doorbell didn’t ring (another story for another time) but the dogs let us know someone was at the door.  Oh no, not visitors just as we were about to eat.  Alan and Alicija and baby Elan had come round to see us.  There were only two choices, one to shut the kithen door and pretend we had already eaten or the sensible one, to insist that they join us for sausage and mash – well there was plenty to go round at least.  In the end a pleasant evening even if we were inadvertent victims of ‘the invasion of the sausage snatchers.’