I Really Must Stop Working Soon

Saturday 26th July

Just occasionally, but actually far too often a week of work really gets you down.  Last week was a case in point.  Just too much coming together, too many Vat returns to do, too many supplier payments to be reconciled, too many P. & L.s to finish.  And not near enough hours to complete them in.  I am so tired.

I desperately need those few days off soon in France.  Trouble is I am working like a dog to get everthing done before I go.  There is no back-up in our firm.  We are all overstretched, and nobody can help when you go on holiday.  So, in effect if I don’t do my work – I have to do my work.  And I am sick of it.  My dear sister (five years younger than I) took the decision to retire early and has already stopped.  And even though her pension will not kick in for two more years, her and her partner are relying on savings to get them by.  I am determined to do the same.  I simply cannot carry on at this level anymore.  It is too mentally draining.    As well as three grueling day at work I slogged all day yesterday at home (even though I am only paid three days) and had to do even more stuff today.

I have taken the decision to stop at the end of next March.  And if I have to live off my savings for a year until my meagre pension kicks in, so be it.  I am going to have to kill the job before it kills me.