Home Again

Friday 28th June

At last I am home again.  I flew in yesterday afternoon, and walking off the plane I just held my arms open and soaked in the sunshine.  It wasn’t really too hot, but warmly pleasant, whereas, as you know it hasn’t been quite like that back home.  My friend Mark is with me, we hired a car and drove from Bergerac to Eymet.  The vineyards green and glistening in the sunshine, the charollet cows in the fields, the dusty towns, the gorgeous relaxed lazy atmosphere of France

The house is lovely though the garden needs desperately watering.  We went to the local Spar and bought a few essentials, then some nice vegetables.  Out for a couple of beers at Café de Paris, sitting in the late afternoon sun I felt so glad to be back.  Back home again.

Mark cooked a lovely pasta dish with prawns and tomatoes and celery and basil sauce, along with a green salad and some fresh bread,  Perfection.

Such a difference from London, where you feel just a number in the digital machine.  You also notice the absence of noise here, you can hear the church ringing out the quarter hours, you have time to stand and watch the river, it is almost as if time stands still.

Anyway, a lovely evening walk rounded off the day, walking and chatting, musing on life and the universe.  Tired but happy.