Gee Harry – Look at all the bread

Tuesday 27th August

I usually go out with the dogs in the morning and buy bread and croissants.  Of course having been here a while I know exactly what I want and can order in French.  Today (yesterday for you) I went as usual.  Now on Monday the main Boulangerie in town is closed, but the smaller one is open and far busier than usual.  Just in front of me were a couple of Americans about seventy I would guess.

I must admit when I first came to France I was amazed at the Boulangeries, and by the fact that no matter how small the town it was the most important shop, and would have a decent selection of bread cakes and croissants.  The French of course buy their bread twice every day, as baguettes only last really well for a few hours, and it is the most common sight to see at six in the evening French men and women walking along with a baguette under their arm.

Anyway back to my little Boulangerie ; “Gee Harry, look at all the bread.”  And they stood there in amazement at the Boules, Campagnes, Baguettes and Ficelles as well as all the different croissants and cakes.   In France it is usual to have to wait until the person in front is served, even if that person (American) in this case doesn’t know what they want.  Patiently the woman explained the different breads to them, and the croissants.  Eventually they made their choice and paid.

Releif, at last I could be served.  Then the woman turned round and looked again at the croissants and said, “Harry, maybe we should get some chocolate ones too, and that looks nice as well,”  And so they spent another five minutes buying second helpings.

Oh well.  At least when they get home they will have a story to tell, of the fabulous bread shops which I must admit I now take for granted.