Four weeks in and it isn’t so bad

Sunday 24th May

Well I retired about four weeks ago.  At least from the worst job, I am still doing one Restaurant mostly be e-mail, but with one visit back a month.  No more daily rush, DLR, Jubilee and Bakerloo lines packed and strap-hanging and watching and hoping desperately for a seat.  No more angry e-mails from suppliers we haven’t paid (why they should get angry with me I don’t know, I wasn’t running the company) no more piles of statements to reconcile every month, no more panicking to get the Restaurants to bank so that we could pay the wages every fortnight.  I do still get e-mails, but nothing urgent, nothing that cannot wait – and the very fact that I am in another country puts a physical distance between me and a different reality anyway.

We have slipped into a different routine completely, sharing the running of the café, which except for Thursday is pretty easy anyway, just a few coffees to make and scones to prepare.  Most evenings we go for a walk and a drink at the Café de Paris or Tortoni where we are bound to meet some people we know to chat to.  Friday night is music night at the Gambetta, last night a French duo who played harmonica and didgeridoo to a tape loop backing.  Interesting and quite pleasant, but a bit same-y.  I must confess that I am drinking more than I used to, having to force myself to have nights of abstention occasionally.  But all in all four weeks in and it isn’t so bad.  You should try it, really – it could be good for you.