Flying Home Today

Thursday 23rd July

A bit sad today (Wednesday) as I am flying back home tomorrow (Thursday).  Partly for work, but also to see some of my family.  So no more Marches Nocturnes or Gourmande Evening in the park, no more lake swimming, no more drinks outside Café de Paris, no more long hot days of sunshine – at least for a week.  Then I will be back, with my parents this time.  They have been twice before and really seem to love it out here, especially the food and wine of course, but we like driving out to little villages, looking at churches, sitting having a coffee in a new town, just soaking up the atmosphere.

I know I will be fine back in England, I’ll soon settle into my old routine.  Lots of CDs to unwrap, letters to answer, and quite a bit of work; which in a funny way I don’t mind at all.  It is quite hard to discipline myself to do it out here, especially when it is hot, and a bit of mental stimulation is always welcome.  And I haven’t seen my grandchildren or indeed my own grown-up children for a few weeks now – and I miss them, especially as they are growing up so fast.

It is just the packing of the case, the checking and double checking the boarding passes, the setting out of long trouser-ed jeans, socks (what the hell are they?) and real shoes.  Bye-bye light cotton shorts and t-shirts and espadrilles for a week as I return to England’s balmy shores.

This last four weeks has been just about the longest unbroken spell I have had out here, I am beginning to get used to it…