Everywhere is closed

Tuesday 28th August

I am writing this on Monday, which despite this being a bank holiday is, for me at least, a work day.  This was my choice; it is just that while Bank Holidays are nice, even if the weather hardly ever is, they don’t half mess up the working week.  My (un) chosen field is restaurants, which are not only open on Bank Holidays but usually busier too, and the same amount of work has to be completed whether I work them or not.  Besides I have just had ten days off, and have a lot to catch up on.  As I said on an earlier blog, if I do not do my work I have to do it.  So today (Monday – yesterday for you) is a workday.  I am also invited to a Barbie this afternoon.  So, sensible me set the alarm clock for six and was out by seven. I emerged at Green Park at seven thirty-five, and knowing the restaurant wouldn’t be open ‘till eight went in search of a coffee.  But everywhere was closed, despite there being quite a few people wandering around like me on search of that early morning caffeine and sugar rush.  Starbucks was like a ghost town, eerily half lit and half inviting but the doors were firmly locked.  Pret had a smashed and boarded up front door, and a ‘Sorry We Are Closed’ sign.  Disconsolately I wandered around until I found a Café Nero opening up and waited in line.  The coffee may be superior but I am used to that mellow soft creamy Starbucks taste, and the almond croissant was obviously frozen and defrosted, but actually not so bad for all that.  I suppose I am being selfish in expecting these establishments to be open on a Bank Holiday, and the staff probably appreciate a lie-in, but don’t they realise I have work to do and need my coffee.