Saturday 26th March

Don’t worry – I am not coming over all Religious.  Easter is a moveable feast, which may well begin to account for the fact that for most people Easter is not such a celebrated occasion as is Christmas.  Christmas day is fixed, and the 25th of December is also fixed in our brains; it is one of the first dates children learn.  Easter has been reduced to the commercialism of Easter Eggs; hardly anyone goes to Church anymore and who really wants to dwell on Death and Crucifixion, whereas we can all ‘celebrate’ birth.  And where do eggs and bunnies come from?  Actually a pre-Christian festival of Ishtar, which came also from the Middle East celebrated fertility, so maybe that was the origin of Easter Eggs.  But more than that it is a reminder that Spring is here, or maybe just around the corner.  For most of us it is two bank holidays either side of a weekend, so an excuse to try to get away from England’s wet and windy shores and try to grab a bit of sunshine, though it is wet and dull here in Eymet too, after a few warm and sunny days.

So, Happy Easter everyone; even if you are all huddled round the tele and looking out on the rain and wondering if Spring will ever come.