Driving Home For Christmas

Thursday 14th December

The sad news that Chris Rea had collapsed on stage a couple of days ago brought to mind one of my favourite Christmas songs “Driving Home For Christmas”.   It is simply beautiful, both the melody and the words.  I hope Chris will make a full recovery soon.  We cannot afford to lose another good one just yet.

And we too will be driving home for Christmas tomorrow.  The car will be loaded up with presents and a couple of cases of wine too, plus a small mattress and bedding for rest-stop naps.  I used to quite dread these long drives back, over 600 miles, but now I am either more used to them, or have simply learnt to accept that as Harry Chapin (another lost hero) used to sing “It’s got to be the going not the getting there that’s good”.

So, although we have just been incredibly busy, with trips and Christmas preparations and the party to end all parties last night in our house (not many people have a barbecue in December – big thanks to Graham) we will be just as busy in the next few days.  A big family get-together on Sunday for present exchange and lots of friends and family to see.  So, my blog may not be appearing with quite the frequency you are already tiring of over the next week or so.

If I don’t say it later – Have a safe and happy Christmas – especially if you are driving home for it.