Back to Blighty

Monday 29th April

As usual the brief holiday (long weekend) has gone in a blur.  Almost before I got settled it was time to leave.  Nor helped by two solid days of painting of course, so I hardly had time to see the town.  And so tired, almost all the time, even waking up tired.  Is this a sign of ageing?  I could easily paint for hours a few years ago, but now I am shattered after a few hours.

The weather there was splendid when I arrived, but was overcast and chilly and rainy on Friday and Saturday.  Just as well I had painting to do, and had not planned on sunbathing.  And I return to this country and it too is cold and overcast and rainy.  But somehow it feels colder here.

So that is that for a few more weeks I am afraid.  Back to Blighty and work again.  And irony of ironies I have come down with a rotten cold.  As I stepped off the plane I felt that vicious snatch in the back of my throat, and my nose started running and my eyes watering and my head pounding.  Maybe I caught it on the way out; they say you catch germs very easily on planes, all that recycled air.  Anyway, feeling grotty I leave you for now….