Back in France – Still Lovely

Saturday 22nd September

Just popped over for a long weekend, which was so easy.  About four hours door to door, and not too expensive either; which is an issue to be confronted if our politicians ever become serious about the environment and the amount of pollution that air travel causes.  Ironically, George Bush of all people came up with the solution, though for all the wrong reasons.  He simply did not want to confront the issue and said that we didn’t have to worry because ‘Technology will find a solution’.  However without political pressure the technology will not be implemented or perfected.  I have long thought that Tony Blair missed a real opportunity on being elected in 1997, and with such a big majority.  He could simply have insisted that car manufacturers have say, 15 years to significantly reduce petrol consumption or not be able to sell their new models in the U.K.  Airplane makers could have maybe been given 25 years.  Instead they did nothing, insisting that a Europe wide approach was the way forward.  Well, we haven’t come very far forwards at all, as far as I can see.

But it is lovely to be back here in France again, and the weather, though not quite as warm as it was, is still very sunny and much better than in England at the moment. I was painting (windows – not canvases, sadly) this morning and will be doing some writing this afternoon. As usual, the French opening hours are as confusing as ever.  Half the shops are shut and you really have no way of telling if it is the wrong time of day or if they are shut all day.  The ‘Heures d’Ouvert’ on the door bear little resemblance to what is actually happening.

And I have just been for a little walk down by the river Dropt, enjoying the late summer sunshine, and the totally relaxed atmosphere of our second home.  A pity I have to go back on Sunday, but then just a month until we are here for a week.