Another Day In Paradise

Sunday 26th October

Well. Not quite.  We actually listened to Phil Collins (a free Daily Mail CD) on the drive down and that song is one of my least favourites of his – actually I only really liked ‘In the Air’ and ‘If Leaving Me Was Easy’ from his first album but there you go.

But in some ways it is close to paradise here.  The weather is a lot warmer than England and hardly any rain either.  The town is quite quiet now that most of the tourists have left but the square is just as lovely and the shabby old streets still hide splendid houses round almost every corner.  The Pizzeria and the Creperie are still serving gorgeous meals, the wine is still good and cheap and we are at last relaxed.  All that stress form working in England has slipped like a silk stole from our shoulders.  We are eating lunch outside in late October and for those rare moments we are actually happy and know it.  Whether spending far more time when we are fully retired will still feel as good who can tell, but for now it is lovely.  So, what’s stopping you?  Come and join us.  Just let us know and we will pick you up form Bergerac airport.  Sorry of this blog is somewhat short but that last Calvados has gone quite to my head….