All I’ve done is sleep

Sunday 28th October

Well not quite, of course.  There was a fair bit of unloading the car and putting up pictures and that sort of thing.  Then we did a bit of shopping and came home and I had a sleep.  Walking the dogs in the afternoon and I came back and yet again fell asleep.  Then a nice meal at the Italian in the square and to tell the truth I could hardly keep my eyes open.  Back home and I wasn’t long in crawling to my bed.

The weather here is sunny but very cold, a harsh wind blowing in from somewhere but I wish it has stayed where it was.  At least we have left the rain and drizzle behind us.  My cold seems to be getting worse too.  Oh well, if I feel bad I can always go back to bed.

As a certain Bishp might once have said “Apologies for the short one today, my dear”