Advice to Young Children

Friday 29th July

  • – Play With Your Toys….all your life, if possible. Always keep your toys handy; of course you may have to hide them sometimes, especially when you get married.  But play with them often, this is the best state to be in – the world of the imagination.  Toy cars are far safer than the real ones and just as much fun to drive too.  Dressing up dollies is much more interesting than trying on real clothes; dolly always looks pretty and won’t be criticised for being too fat or too thin.
  • – Don’t Rely Too Much On Technology….it will change faster than you can keep up and sooner or later you will be left behind; that i-pad of Mum’s may look cool but believe me it will be an antique soon. Try to rely on real things, simple machines which work without batteries are a good place to start.  Get your hands on old-fashioned tools, a hammer and a saw, a spade and a trowel –they will give you far more satisfaction than anything electronic.
  • – Read Books….even on kindle. Especially fiction, which happens to be far more truthful and honest than any internet search for facts ever is.  Lose yourself in the inner world of words, absorb the ideas of others; discover real emotions that you have to share, by reading and relishing stories of other people’s lives.
  • – Buy A House….as soon as possible, you may well need help from Mum and Dad, but a roof over your head is the best survival tool in the harsh economic world you are about to enter. And worse comes to worse, you will have somewhere to rest your weary head.
  • – Laugh A Lot…. especially whenever you look in the mirror. You will discover much later on that life is really a joke, often at your own expense, so learn to laugh – at yourself and with others.  Laughing is far more fun than crying, but don’t be afraid to cry either.
  • – Get Lots Of Sex…. it is probably the only thing that will still be free when you get old enough, and as long as your partners are willing, go for it. Discover how to please someone else and you will be happy yourself.  Remember – most old people regret not getting enough sex when they were still young and attractive enough.
  • – Try To Leave The World A Better Place….to be honest there isn’t much you can do to change things, but have a go anyway; the struggle is good for the soul. Involve yourself in the World, be interested in how things are developing and if you don’t like it then protest, organise yourself and try to make things better.  You probably won’t – but hey, that’s life.
  • – Don’t Take Advice From Old People….especially those who write blogs, they know nothing.