A Wet Old Weekend

Sunday 26th July

It was cold when I landed at Stansted, well a fair bit cooler than France.  I had sensibly worn long-trouser jeans, shoes and socks and a jacket.  But still I felt chilly.  The plane was a bit late leaving Bergerac, it was half an hour late arriving and seemed to take a long time boarding and taxi-ing to the runway.  I had a window seat and a great view all the way up France until we got towards the Northern coast when clouds came over.  A brief glimpse of England’s shore before clouds obscured the view completely.  Overcast and gloomy in England.  I got through passport control quite quickly and down to the trains to London.  Only after I had bought my ticket and boarded the train was I informed that this train, like the one previous was being cancelled.  And the next one too.  The only explanation was “due to an incident on the line” whatever that might mean.  Anyway I got to London eventually and picked up paperwork from my Restaurant, then back to Liverpool Street and train to Walton.

Got in about 9 and light drizzle, which continued all night and Friday morning only to be followed by really heavy rain after lunch and all night too. We have had hot dry weather for over four weeks in Eymet and would love a touch of rain and here we would love a touch of the sun…..hahaha.

Anyway back to London on Saturday and though dull and cool – no rain.  Though another wet day is predicted tomorrow (Sunday).  Welcome to England…