A Weekend in Eymet

Monday 30th November

Well we were used to lots of events at the weekend in the Summer, in fact not only the weekends but there were Night Markets almost every night of the week in the surrounding towns.  And you might have thought that things would calm down a bit in the Winter; but this last weekend has been quite busy.  There used to be a Restaurant in town, Mama Chow’s, which served brilliant Chinese food.  It was on the boulevard and a bit small so booking was advised.  Then we heard that last December she (Mama Chow) was closing, and later the news emerged that she and her business partner had bought a new property on the Boulevard and were opening something bigger.  Rumours abounded, was it going to be another Restaurant?   A Tapas Bar maybe?  Apparently they had huge financial and planning problems and building work only started in March.  We passed it many times but it was still being renovated.  Each month we were promised an opening.  Well, it finally arrived last Friday; the grand opening of “Garage”.  It is almost a night-club, all dark paint and modern dim lighting and a long bar and a big video screen and a mammoth sound system pumping out house music.  We went along for the opening, and even though free drinks were offered we saw none.  However we had to try it out.  The consensus view among us older coves was that it wasn’t really our sort of thing, okay for the youngsters (anyone under fifty maybe) but it didn’t really fit in with Eymet.  In fact that sort of place was the very reason a lot of us came to Eymet.

Anyway, we all decamped after a couple of drinks to Le Pub where Irish rockabilly band “The Rogues” were filling the usual Friday night slot – great night as usual.  But we were really looking forward far more to Saturday’s Sixties Night in the pub, where perennial favourites Geoff and Rob were belting out great song after song.  But there was also Jazz in the Chateau round the corner for all the cool dudes.  And on the boulevard there was a funfair with dodgems and rides of all sorts, lights blazing into the cool black night.   And today (Sunday) there was the Foire de Ste Catherine, held in the cowshed in our road.   It is a showcase for local farmers and produce and there were a few farm animals on display too, sheep, goats, pigs and a bull.  Also today there was a second-hand book and toy fair in the Salle Polyvente.

So a busy little weekend, especially for a really quite small little town in South West France.