A Very British Coup

Saturday 25th June

Well done Boris and Nigel.  You have got your country back.  Boris will be the next Prime Minister.  UKIP will continue to win more votes.  I have to congratulate your very British Coup.  I bet Cameron wishes he was still in coalition with Clegg, how easy it was then.  And Labour and the Tories are both in turmoil now.

So, let’s see just how you intend to progress.  I am prepared to give you the benefit of the doubt, and let’s be honest 17 million voters cannot possibly be wrong, can they?

We have to accept the referendum result and make the best of things as Scotland drifts off into the North Sea and even little Northern Ireland are thinking hard about their future relationship with an EU Ireland.

Interesting times.  And how very British.  A Public Schoolboy’s spat played out in Wide-screen HD TV.  Victor Ludorum Boris.  Now please tell us what will our future be, and whether it was really worth it?