A Migraine Headache

Tuesday 27th May

I woke up yesterday feeling awful.  A headache and a sort of weakness in my whole body which I couldn’t really explain. I tried to rouse myself with a shower and took the dogs out for a walk, even though it was raining.  When I got home I felt really quite sick, nauseus, that rising up of anti-peristalsis, the contraction of the throat.  I thought I was going to be sick, but not quite.  I felt so bad I took to my bed and tried to sleep it off.  But this developed into the dreaded migraine, which in the end lasted all day.

I barely slept, tossing and turning, feverish, too hot then shivering with cold, and all the while my head was banging.  Eventuallly about midday I was actually sick and after that I could sleep a bit, though the headache hung around the rest of the day slowly diminishing but still there even the next morning.

A wasted day.  And though I get migraines every now and then I still don’t know what triggers them.  I had been painting for a few hours the day before, and in the sun.  Who knows, but it is definitely linked to being sick, so maybe it was the food I ate (roast chicken and veg) or maybe some alcohol but I had only a glass of wine.  Anyway whatever it was I ate them.  Apart from the pain and the discomfort it is such a waste of a day.