A Day in the Garden

Sunday 26th January

It has been so wet, and for weeks too that the garden is like a quagmire.  It is really muddy so we donned our rubber overshoes and with shears and loppers tackled the overgrown jungle that we used to call a garden.  Even the path of flagstones was lost under bushes and trees that hadn’t been tackled in over  a year.  First I had to try and locate and collect the dog-pooh, which was as soggy as the mud.  My job, you might have guessed was to pick up and pack in garden sacks the branches and foliage which my wife was frenziedly chopping down.  We managed to fill ten big bags with the stuff.  We could have filled another ten I am sure, but it was hard work and after about two hours we needed to stop.

The garden does look a million times better, almost sparse in places, and you can see daylight where there was just a tangle of leaves and vines.  One side of the garden has been taken over by ivy, which winds its tendrils around every tree and bush and has commandeered the entire fence.  In places the main stem is a couple of inches thick but we managed to hack it back to just about a foot above the almost entirely obscured fence panels.

We have promised ourselves another session in a week or two’s time.  Weather permitting because tomorrow is promising another downpour.   At least we aren’t living in the Somerset levels or any other flooded area.  Just imagine what their gardens must be like.