A Day In Bordeaux

Saturday 29th October

Although Bordeaux is the largest city in South West France we have hardly been there; a couple of quick trips to IKEA which lays to the North is about it.  So, we decided to have a break and as it was my wife’s birthday spend a couple of days in Bordeaux.

We left on Thursday afternoon after a busy morning in the Cafe, market day – cold but sunny.  We arrived fairly traffic-free and had the usual fun finding the hotel as the roads the SatNav wanted to take us down were closed.  Eventually sorted and in our room, unpacked and ready to explore.  We are in the Centre, not far from the place Gambetta (named like so many squares, including the one in Eymet, after Leon Gambetta – a Politician who was prominent during the Franco Prusssian War and did actually lead his country, if only for a few months).  It was busy and bustling full of young people enjoying themselves, lots of bars and cafes and bright lights.  We were tired and had a nice and cheapish meal before turning in.

Friday and we were up and out early, walking around this quite stunningly beautiful city, a whole section of which is pedestrian-ised.  Trams and bikes and scooters and kids on skateboards everywhere, and down by the river Garonne along the broad walkways a group of Segue-riders.  Lots of very smart and expensive shops thronged with well-dressed and mostly young people. Everyone seems happy in the late Autumn sunshine.   We had a gorgeous lunch and now a rest before we go out again for dinner to end a lovely day in Bordeaux.

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