2066 – A Personal Memoir (the first bit)

Thursday 29th January

I have decided to slip out the book in little snippets.  This is the first bit, hope you like it.  I will return to let you have more every now and then in the vain hope that some of you might even buy the thing.  It’s on Amazon for Kindle.

2066 – a personal memoir 

part one – a slightly disturbing development…

Diary Entry – 20660101

January the first, two thousand and sixty-six – and life is shit. 

How the fuck did we get to this state; after all that golden promise of the Twentieth Century?  Why is everyone now so unhappy, why is there this overwhelming feeling that nothing will ever get any better; that we are stuck fast in this stubbornly mundane existence; that our shattered society is doomed to be shat-upon forever?  There are even rumours that the rebs, the dispossessed, the non-people, are massing and threatening our very existence, right here in the Gilded Palace of Shit.

Though that might just be propaganda – almost everything is, after all.

And why does everyone you meet feel there is something, no, everything, missing from their lives?  Why does it all feel so hopeless?  We all know that feeling of helplessness, of being completely manipulated but can see no answers, no way to turn it – our pathetic lives – around?  The ship appears to have drifted off course somehow – destination unknown.   The captain abandoned the bridge long ago, and though icebergs loom likes ghosts from an earlier tragedy through the dense fog on the starboard bow, this Titanic ploughs on regardless.   Worst of all, most of the passengers and crew are asleep; dozing through their days, oblivious to the danger, basking in their holographic dream-scapes, unable to wake up let alone taste the bitter ersatz coffee we are being served.  

( to be continued…..)

2066 - A Personal Memoir