The Beginning Of The End?

Monday 8th July

Well.  The roller-coaster of Brexit continues in its tortuous and vertiginous ride.   Just where it will end up we still do not know.  Will it crash off the tracks or grind to a slow halt through sheer exhaustion?  But, as predicted bits of the car are falling off daily.  What we did not realise was, that when David Cameron pressed the start button and reminded us to close the safety bar; this was not for our safety – but to ensure that we would not be able to stop the thing, or get off in any fit state until we were well and truly shaken to bits.

And now David Davis, the ever-smiling buffoon has finally resigned.  No great loss – did I hear you mutter.  But really – how on earth can we carry on when our chief negotiator, and two of his senior team, are walking away.  No doubt Gove will replace him.  And the good ship May will sail on for a few more months.  But what a shambles.  The final policy was unbelievably only agreed on Friday, 18 months into the process.

I almost despair – which is everyone’s response.  All Theresa May is interested in is keeping the Conservative Party together – united only their hatred of Labour – they almost hate each other with as much bitterness.

And yet, Brexit is all about the country’s future….

One thing is for certain, there are many more twists and turns before the ride is over.  hang on tight folks – this is only the beginning of the end,