Shock Horror – “City Trader is Motivated by Greed”

Thursday 28th May

BBC News claimed last night (Tuesday) that a City Trader accused of manipulating the Libor rate was motivated purely by greed.  Well, blow me down – I never expected that.

The truth is that they all are, the whole market, the entire financial system is motivated by one simple factor – GREED.  The media, which is hardly unblemished in the modern sins of the world, is trying to make out that this guy, and I couldn’t care less what his name is, was an exception, some sort of a bad apple, the ring leader who cajoled others into helping him to fix the rate which would have benefited him.  The truth is that Thatcher legitimized Greed; it was what drove the market, which was going to make us all rich.  And Blair and Brown and now Osborne and Cameron are turning even blinder eyes to the bankers and their shenanigans even though they were the reason the whole financial Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall, only to be put back together again with our money.  Hence the deficit, hence the need for Austerity, hence the cuts, hence the rich being repaid by the poor.

Greed is the driving force behind Capitalism.  Big Business lies when it claims to have created millions of jobs; the truth us that they are only using us to enrich themselves and if and when robots can do it cheaper and better they will employ them rather than us.   Be under no illusion, greed is also killing us.  The biggest threat facing mankind is not ISIS, or Muslim fundamentalism or immigrants or even the SNP (hahaha).  It is Global Warming and the damage being wreaked on the Environment by Greed.  And it is absolutely no surprise that City Traders bent the rules, what was so bad about that; they were only making money weren’t they?