Back in a Different Real World

Friday 29th May

We are so busy now with our social life in France that we have little time for the news.  Or maybe it is just that being physically removed from Britain means that these issues pass us by, or seem to be happening in quite a different reality.  Last night entertaining friends and drinking wine in our garden at ten at night it all seemed a long way away.

But today I have returned to the UK.  Crowds swarming around me at Liverpool Street, and on the DLR commuters pushing and shoving, seemed a different real world altogether.  And sitting here watching the news I wonder which is the real world; the quiet streets and ex-pat community deep in South West France or the hustle bustle of London and World News?  David Cameron on a charm offensive in Europe (and we are still no clearer about the reforms he will achieve) and the shenanigans at FIFA, where despite all the corruption allegations and the nonsense of holding a World Cup in the almost unknown foot-balling giant of Qatar, Sepp Blatter will in all likelihood be re-elected and sail on regardless.  In the same way as the Financial scandals are explained away as a few rogue traders, the corruption and greed endemic in Big Business and Sport will be that it is all okay really, just a few corrupt officials who have now gone.  And as Neil Innes (Bonzo Dog Doodah Band) once sung – “today’s news is tomorrow’s chip paper”, but even that reality has gone too, white paper and plastic bags have replaced even that.

So, for a few days I am back in the world of work, and seeing some of the Grandchildren too.  Then I will return to the peace and quiet of sunny Eymet; a totally different reality.