Monday 30th April

Sadness – at the passing of the years, the hopes and dreams, the laughs and the tears.  Like a chain of links that slips through my fingers, memories are the only things that still linger.  Each day as the razor sweeps down my cheeks, I gaze at a face that I never did seek.  I used to recognise who I could see, but I don’t know this old man staring back at me. Time is cruel and shows no pity, growing old can be really shitty.

Sadness – at a life I have probably wasted, the fame I sought I barely tasted.  I wanted to be a rock and roll singer, but was born with the voice of a complete minger.  I was spotted early as a potential M. P. but blew it – ‘ain’t that just like me.  I could have written much better than I did, but deep inside I was still a kid, too intent on having fun to have taken the prize I should have won.

Sadness – at the lovers that I let slip, the spaces between cup and lip.  The chances I wasted without number, the nights I woke sweating from slumber.  The faces I promised to love forever, the lies I meant but could honour never.  The empty rooms I wandered through, not knowing why or even who to.

Sadness – but tinged with some real hope, as towards understanding I finally grope. And looking back things haven’t been so bad, no real reason to be feeling so sad.  Every life is worth exactly the same, life really isn’t some sort of game.  It’s the only one we are likely to get, just get on and live it – no need for regret.