Nothing Has Changed

Tuesday 1st May

One – Theresa May addressing the Tory Party Conference some 10 or 12 years ago, when they had just lost three elections. “You know what they are calling us, don’t you – the Nasty Party”

Two – Less than a year ago, at a panicky press briefing after her disastrous manifesto Launch, (hands frantically up in the air) “Nothing has changed, NOTHING has changed.”

And nothing has changed, except they are even nastier than ever.  Oh, and incompetent too.  Nastiness is in their genes.  Austerity is a policy to make the poor pay for the mistakes of the rich (the banking crisis of 2008). Tax cuts are a reward for Companies and those fortunate to be on high salaries.  For what exactly?  For their greed of course.  Immigration Policy is pandering to the prejudices of White people, whose forefathers raped and pillaged and stole and enslaved millions in their Greed. People who have lived here for decades, who have worked and paid taxes but may have arrived as children are being ruthlessly and cruelly hounded by a policy where they are presumed guilty until they can ‘prove’ their innocence.  It is all a part of the double-speak of the Tories. “Of course we appreciate the contribution of immigrants – just don’t stay too long and don’t ever think you will be considered truly British.”

Vince Cable was spot-on when he said the vote for Brexit was largely an attempt to wind back the clock to a time when Britain was predominantly (and it still is) white, when we had an Empire (now a Commonwealth –  which doesn’t love us at all).  When I first arrived in London and was walking around looking for a place to stay.  I saw signs in windows “No Blacks, No Irish, No Dogs”.  And nothing has changed – the signs have been removed but the sentiment remains (except for the little puppies – just don’t let them shit on the carpets).

The whole Windrush scandal was created by Theresa May, who was still pulling the strings when Amber Rudd was called Home Secretary.  She created the “Hostile Environment” for all immigrants. She is the one who should resign.  But of course, Amber Rudd had to take the flak, she was the one forced to resign while May remains locked in her fortress.  Nothing Has Changed.