A World Without Nukes

Saturday 24th December

And just as we were beginning to relax and think all Christmassy thoughts of Peace and Goodwill to all men, we had the Donald and another of his wild tweets.  “We need more Nukes”.  As if the declared 7000 weren’t enough to destroy us all several times over.

Of course, we all agree (or every sane person must) that Nuclear Weapons if ever deployed mean the end of Civilisation.  But we all know too that it will be almost impossible to live in a World without Nukes.  “That was just a dream some of us had.”

And even a World without War seems unrealistic, as several are happening now and as soon as one War ends another one seems to come into bloom.  .And yet, don’t we live in a Democracy?  Surely the vast majority of people want to live in a World Without War, without conflict, without starvation, without the threat of a nuclear holocaust.  So why do our Politicians all seem to share the same aggressive posturing, building bigger and better (worse) weapons of mass destruction?

We can only live in hope that Donald is just playing to the audience…boasting for whatever egotistical reasons of his own….and that wiser heads will prevail.

Otherwise, you had better read all my tweets quickly, as there may not be much time left…