A Very Merry Christmas

Sunday 25th December

Yes, and actually Merry is the very word.  Merry, not a well used word now, unless in a slightly pejorative sense, as in “She was a bit merry” – meaning slightly drunk.  But Merriment is something we can all enjoy; a relaxing day, some nice food, maybe a chocolate or two and a drink or three.  Eat, drink and be merry, the old phrase went.  Of course we all eat and drink too much most of the time, and get a bit merry quite often too, but it used to be special at Christmas.

I am not going to bore you with tales of the rarity of oranges at Christmas, or the simple toys we had as children – needless to say, Christmas is changing and will always change.  The simple act of getting together with friends and family on this one day is special – so have a merry old time, one and all, and to all the readers, occasional and compulsive of my little blog, thank you for reading have a good and merry Christmas