We Can’t Stop Buying Meubles

Friday 21st February

We have been in this house for 18 months now.  At first we rushed out and bought a couple of beds and a wardrobe, a sofa and two armchairs.   Then we developed the garden room into an en-suite, so another bed a chest of drawers were bought.  And each time we come down we seem to find more furniture to buy.  Every trip we end up in BUT or Maisons du Monde and come away with another cupboard, a bedside table or something to go by the front door.  I wonder when we will stop.  But at least now we have a new Golden Rule, one in one out.  If we are buying something new then we lose something.  So far these have been either some pretty naff dining chairs we were left by previous tenants or a table we brought with us from London.

We have also started painting walls.  Egyptian Cotton this holiday, breaking up the clean but stark white we inherited.   It is all beginning to look like a real home. Hard work, but when has a holiday been all relaxing, we spend at least half our days painting or sanding down a door frame or putting up curtain poles.  I didn’t mind so much today as the weather was pretty grotty all day.  Come the summer and I will want to be swimming or lazing in the sun.