The Summer Is In Full Swing

Thursday 21st July

We had a wet Winter and an even wetter spring, or so it seemed to us here, praying for some sunshine, some little glimpse of hope that Summer might be on its way.  And suddenly a couple of weeks ago the sun seemed to break through the cloudy skies and we have bathed in sunshine.  In fact of course it has been too hot.  We humans are never satisfied are we?  And the Summer Festivals and Night Markets and Gourmande evenings are upon us too.  We struggle to actually have a quiet night in, especially as this week we have my parents and my sister and her partner.  We will be eating out every evening, mostly in the open air, in parks or squares.  The clocks are an hour later here too, so it is still light at 9.30 and even at ten it isn’t quite dark yet which makes these evenings so pleasant.

And we seem to have been thrust suddenly into Summer, and yet there seem to be fewer tourists around than in previous years. Maybe a bit of Brexit, or news of petrol shortages or the euro exchange rate.  Anyway, we are all enjoying the sunshine – come what may.