The Rise and Fall of Andy Coulson

Thursday 26th June

I have nothing against the man personally, except that he chose to work firstly for Rupert Murdoch and then for David Cameron.  As Mr. Cameron himself once insisted “A man should have a second chance”, so why knowing what went on at the Sun and the News of the World and that he had been a knowing party to it, (or at least hadn’t been prepared to curtail these activities) did he risk it all on becoming even more in the glare of the media spotlight?  Or did he think he was safe?  Had he had assurances from the police that he wouldn’t be investigated further?  Had Uncle Rupert promised him that he would be looked after whatever?  We will probably never know.   The sad truth is that even though the whole edifice of News Corp. was rotten to the core, and phone hacking and paying Senior Police for information were de rigeur, and character assassination of anyone criticizing them the way of dealing with opponents, and having Prime Ministers at their beck and call – all of this will be ignored.  A victim has been chosen; Andy Coulson has been hung out to dry.  Rebekah is safe, maybe because she knew even more dark and dirty secrets.  The whole thing wll now go away, or rather fade from view.  Rupert and his gang will NOT be brought to book, effective Press regulation will never happen, and the lies of the Sun will carry on being peddled with impunity.

It is a shame for Andy himself, but he appears a broken man now.  If he ever knew anything he wont tell now.  When he is eventually released from prison he will be pensioned off somewhere.  David Cameron and Osborne will shrug off all criticism, and Rebekah will be discreetly removed from Samantha’s Christmas card list.  No more horses will be leant.  Everyone will breathe a sigh of relief, even maybe Andy – relieved that the nightmare is at last (almost) over.   Another chapter in the ever growing book of singularly English crimes.