The Latest U-turn of Theresa

Thursday 19th April

Theresa May likes to present herself as ‘Strong and Stable’.  And yet she is interested in one thing and one thing only – staying at No. 10 Downing Street.  She will change and tack and sometimes make a complete U-turn, if circumstances appear favourable.  She insisted, at least three times, that she would not call a general election in 2017 – which she did and nearly lost.  She was a Remainer but had no hesitation in not only jumping on the bandwagon but insisting on driving it into as many ditches as she could find.  And again she has just backtracked over the Windrush children scandal.  In 2014 she introduced mandatory employer checks on people ‘suspected’ of being immigrants.  She strengthened this in 2016to include Doctors and NHS staff and schools.  The intention was to both appear tough on immigration, and to weed out those who may have slipped through the net – even though the net was full of massive holes through poor or non-existent record keeping by the Home Office.  I used to know an Australian waitress who had outstayed her two-year visa by two decades; nobody had ever questioned her, no Home Office officals had come to deport her.  Because she was white, everyone assumed she had a right to stay here.  In my opinion why not?  But what about those black kids brought here as children in the Sixties and Seventies, where nobody even thought to record them.  Ah, but they are Black or Asian you see.  And so, employers will naturally have to question them.

And unbelievably they have to produce documentation (four separate pieces) for every year they have been here.  Can you imagine that?  I couldn’t do it and I suspect almost every ‘British’ (hahaha) person could not either.  And even worse, the Government doesn’t even know how many may have been deported, or lost their appeals, or their jobs or even their lives as a result of this monstrous policy.

And yet every Tory MP voted for this draconian nonsense (which will still apply – the exemption is only for those ‘Windrush kids) – including Amber Rudd, the current Home Secretary, who was sent out to bat and apologise for the stupidity of the former Home Secretary Theresa May who hadn’t the balls to apologise herself.

Another scandal, another U turn, and she still clings to her job.  I am pretty certain she will do a few U-turns over Brexit too…..