The Dog-Days Of December

Wednesday 28th December

Well, Christmas is over now and many of you will still be off work, not returning until the 3rd of January or maybe even later.  The presents have all been opened, your kids already bored with their new toys, Christmas dinner long past, you are down to wondering just what to do next with that turkey, cold meat again, or some sort of mince, or just chuck the thing away.  You’ve already been out shopping because even the best list-writers forget something.  You cannot face another day slouched in front of the telly, or playing another board game.  Even a nice Winter walk has lost all its appeal.  We are truly in the dog days of Christmas.

The TV news is as depressing as ever, 2016’s crop of famous deaths not quite gathered in; politics is as suspended as the weather, unseasonably mild an;d yet still dreary.  New Years Eve, where a forced jollity may ensue is still a few days away, it almost seems that your life is suspended until January when that decorating can begin.

Well, that isn’t quite the life for your intrepid blogger…We drove back yesterday and this morning we have to crank the Café up again.  There are scones to be baked, and bacon and sausages to be cooked.  A new coffee machine to be opened and set-up.  I also have a new laptop, as this one is showing visible signs of ageing and silly things keep going wrong.  So there will be hours of transferring files over and learning Windows 10, which I have never liked the look of, but we all succumb in the end.

Anyway, now that you have a few days with nothing to do, use the time sensibly and think up some New Years Resolutions; a change in your eating habits, rather than a fad diet; being kind to someone else every day; read those books you always said you would; watch a lot less telly.  Whatever,  let’s try to make 2017 a better year than this one…