One More Cup Of Coffee

Thursday 22nd February

This was a minor song on one of Bob Dylan’s best albums – ‘Desire’.  It is about wanting to stay a bit longer with a woman.  A great song, and a great lyric and sentiment.

It is cold as I am writing this.  It is just after 7 in the morning.  I have walked the dogs and opened the Café and boy, is it cold.  About minus 3 or 4.  Again, we have the cold mornings – but at least it is sunny.  I much prefer this to those wet and drizzly days we have had for almost two months now.  I have a slight buzzy head from last night; a quiz night, only two glasses of wine (I swear), but a late night (we did quite badly, actually – somehow, I can shout out the answers on Mastermind, and even some on University Challenge, but my mind goes blank when I am at a quiz night.  Saying that I did get one or two obscure answers) and up early.  I always sleep badly when I have to get up extra early, waking too often to grope for the light switch and check the clock only to find just another half an hour has passed.  Why don’t I simply set the alarm?  Who knows – gross stupidity, most probably.

Anyway, I am in the Café, descaling one machine and have just made my third milky coffee as I serve the few market stall holders brave enough to set up their stalls in this icy weather..  How comforting a cup of latte is.  Maybe it is a distant reminder of warm milk coming from Mummy’s breast – a memory we maybe never forget and are searching for the rest of our life?  Strange thought to be having, but it is early in the morning.

So, let’s have another cup of coffee and get this cold day started.  I raise a cup to all my fellow coffee lovers…

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