Once every four years

Monday 29th February

The date for a start, 29th February comes round only once every four years, and one of our very good friends has her eighth (I Think) real birthday today.  Happy Birthday Alicja, so grown up for your age….hahaha..and expecting a new baby too, so double congratulations.  So, what comes round every four years as well.  The Olympics of course and this year it will be in Rio, the zinka virus permitting.  I do not expect our wonderful young athletes to do quite as well this year.  It only seems a short while ago and the Olympics were in London, and right on our doorstep too.  Another four year event is the World Cup; and despite Cricket and both forms of Rugby having their own, there is only one World Cup that matters and that is football.  I wonder how our young team will perform?  Well, we will soon have a clue as the European Championships are also this year, another four year event.  On paper it looks like we have a fairly easy opening group.  We will see.

But the most important once in four year event is the American Presidential Election.  And on Tuesday it is ‘Super Tuesday’ where about 13 American States will decide their preferred candidate.  Last night (Saturday) Hilary won a convincing victory in South Carolina, which has a large black population, by about 50% over Bernie – but that contest has a long way to go still.  If Hilary can somehow capture the enthusiasm of Bernie’s mostly young supporters she might pull it off.  On the other side of course we just have to hang our heads in shame and amazement.  The field has now been reduced to just 5 at least but no serious contender has emerged to challenge the stupidity of Trump.  One can only hope that the few sensible (if any exist) leaders of the Republican party can either stop him, or if he wins the Nomination that he is soundly thrashed and humiliated at the election.  But I honestly thought he would never have got this far, but strangely the more ridiculous he seems to us the more he appeals to his followers.  Strange world we live in.