Wednesday 24th May

What can I say that hasn’t already been said, or that doesn’t sound trite.  At times like these words can seem inadequate.  I have never visited Manchester, though I do have a few friends from there, but it doesn’t make me feel any less hurt, any less outraged. And of course I have never heard of the young star whose concert was so disastrously ruined by this attack.

Strangely, last night I stupidly got involved in one of those Facebook arguments with a couple of raving anti-Islamists.  I should have stopped, but the very inanity of their ‘global domination of Islam’ arguments angered me and I kept responding.  Needless to say when I woke this morning (Monday) to the news of Manchester, my Facebook was full of their even stupider comments.

Now, this is where cool heads are required.  While deploring the person(s) who committed this atrocity and the perverted ideaology they espouse we must not blame a whole Religion for this.  I have worked with a few Muslims, and each one of them equally deplore and are horrified at these attacks.  They are peace-loving people who only want to live their lives quietly and bring up their children just the same as the rest of us.

And all the condemnation in the World will not solve the problem.  All the hand-wringing will not stop this.  Unfortunately, the perception in most Muslim countries is that the West is engaged in a Crusade against their religion, and our involvement in Iraq and Libya has not helped.  Statements such as those uttered by Donald Trump on the campaign trail (despite what he says for the benefit of his Saudi friends) and Marine le Pen and now Paul Nuttall only fuel the flames of hatred – which is exactly what the Terrorists want.   Hold back the hate, and concentrate on hope for a better future.

  • Joe Moore

    I think I’ll risk getting my head shot off here and say stop apologising for Muslims. The world domination argument isn’t so likely, as they hate each other almost as much as they hate us. Various political interests, in the Muslim world, exploit history (crusades, etc) for their own local gain. As you point out, the House of Saud have their mate Trump. We have the curse of political correctness, where we believe the sun rises out of the Muslim arse. Back in the day, before the multicultural madness, I had many Muslim friends/aqaintences and that wasn’t a big thing. Some of them took the time to explain to me their hopes and dreams, along with their fears. Fear usually came from the old country and revolved around other family members. They mostly liked the separation of church & state in the UK. They wanted the West to stand strong against the more radical elements of their own cultures. ‘If you don’t stand up for freedom, we can’t do it on our own’, was a more common sentiment. But we didn’t keep up our end of the bargain and they now live in fear. Fear of being seen to dress western, or talk to the wrong westerner, or not go to the mosque enough, or mix too closely with the opposite sex. All fears unknown in the UK 20 years ago! Enough, Muslims are not a special case. No state funded Islamic schooling, no protected dress codes, no hidden halal, no pork bans and definitely NO blasphemy laws ! ! !
    Nobody cared about the sensibilities of the Irish during the terror campaigns of the IRA. No problem locking up innocent citizens for the crime of being Irish, in the wrong place and at the wrong time! Security came first. The out reach to the Irish community came in the form of strong words and a freephone number, which you could call and supply information in guaranteed secrecy. As dark as those days were, Irish citizens cooperated and brought the bloodshed to an end. We need to look at our recent history and pick out those bits that worked well. As you say, most ordinary Muslims don’t want this, just like most ordinary Irish didn’t either. Dump the victim culture and stop treating Islam as a special case!