Grant Schapps – A Modern Day Tory

Thursday 23rd April

If you want to see a modern day Tory, look no further than Grant Schapps.  He is Co-Chairman of the Tory party but on his Wikipedia page this has been changed to Chairman.  Actually Chairman or Co-Chairman of a political party is pretty much a non-position these days; they are  wheeled out for the TV camera’s but obviously not important enough to be a Minister.  But Mr. Schapps, or whatever name he really has, is a true child of Thatcher.  Making money and dirty tricks are in his DNA.  I am actually surprised that Cameron, not the best judge of character (think Andy Coulson), has kept him in his exalted position for so long.  Rumours seem to continually swirl around this attractive and media-friendly spokesperson.  He has been ‘outed’ as using a false name to front a particularly dubious money-making web-site even when he was elected as an M.P.   He at first denied this, vehemently.  And then when incontrovertible evidence was produced admitted that he had made a mistake with dates.

He has just been found out allegedly altering both his own Wikipedia page and that of Cabinet colleagues who may have had different views to his and opponents pages too.  We live in the age of the Internet, and many of us go to Wikipedia for fair and unbiased information.  Wikipedia is an on-line encyclopaedia which is compiled by a sort of consensus of opinion which is monitored by volunteer editors who watch certain entries and check changes made and try to verify them.  In other words Wikipedia is supposed to be incorruptible and uninfluenced by those with money or power, as the press so obviously isn’t. It is sort-of the BBC of the Internet; trusted to be unbiased (though there will be many of you who disagree with that I am sure).  Apparently a user “contributefx” has been altering Mr. Schapps and other’s accounts to present him in a more positive, and them in a more negative light.  Now, we are all used to Politicians rubbishing their opponents, but it is pretty nasty to attack your own colleagues, and even nastier to do it anonymously, or to get your assistants or friend to do it on your behalf.  Whether this story will die as he angrily denies it, or run a bit longer is still in the balance.  But if you want to know more about the modern day Tory party look no further than Grant Schapps.