Goodbye November – Hello December

Wednesday 30th November

And so we say goodbye to November, not usually my favourite month, with its damp and drizzly weather and the leaves almost completely off the trees, their bare branches spindling the sky like witches bony fingers. But November too has its beauty, the early morning mist hanging like pillows of candy-floss in the low-lying fields, and the sun coming out at midday and brightening up the day.  Even a few roses are budding on our bushes, one last flourish before Winter sets in.

And tomorrow we will be back in December again. Which inevitably means Christmas.  One part of me dreads Christmas more and more as each one passes.  But the child in me is still excited; not now for the presents I might receive but the ones I will give.  And though I will not see the faces of my Grandchildren as they open them I can still imagine their excitement at the pile of presents (hopefully mine will be one of the largest) under their trees.  And I have been good this year, I have bought and almost wrapped all my presents already; how we will fit them all into the car is another question.  And we will be leaving for England on Thursday 15th December, car laden to the roof I imagine – and the only thing you can say with certainty is that it will be just as full on our return…hahaha

Amazing how time seems to go faster and faster as each year passes, stupidly I thought it might slow down when I retired.  Oh well…