Fake News

Monday 20th February

Lenin is credited with saying that if you tell a lie enough times it becomes the truth, and History is literally his story and is constantly being revised.  Politicians have always become ‘economic avec la verite’ as Alan Clark said and possibly the cleverest untruth of recent years has been the Conservative insistence that it was Labour driving the car which crashed the economy, or that Labour maxed out the credit card (which, if they mean the National Debt – has doubled under the Tories). Were Labour really running the banks which leant foolishly in America, causing a Financial Crisis over the whole world?  But that lie stuck, though they don’t repeat it so much these days.

But now we have entered the realm of ‘1984’ itself with Fake News and Alternative Facts.  And with Donald Trump it is all the lies of the Media.  Now, I am not the greatest fan of the Press and the power they wield but on the whole, though they slant the news with Comment and often lie by omission, they do not invent facts which can be easily proven as lies.  Photographic evidence of the size of the crowds at his inauguration are ‘fake news’; he, the Donald, inflicted the greatest defeat in History on Hilary (even though she got 3 million more votes {all were corrupt}); his electoral college win was the biggest in History (ahem – Obama, Clinton, Bush and Reagan all won far more) but these ‘facts’ are ignored and the lies repeated.  His administration were left a huge mess and they are working together wonderfully, no problems at all; even the Muslim travel ban was a success and has been rolled out smoothly.

And the strange thing is that the more his Alternative Facts are disproved, the more he rails against the Media for false reporting (often merely repeating the words which came out of his own mouth) – the more his supporters love him.  This is truly a Revolution, of the dumb against the educated, of the bigoted and racist against liberal values.  And how do you even begin to roll back this tide of stupidity? Donald is Teflon-coated, nothing sticks to him; he will (if he can survive his first 100 days and does not bring complete economic disaster to America) be re-elected in 2020, because he will simply repeat the same nonsense, build the same non-existent wall and expel the same Muslim terrorists in our midst and bring back even more jobs to America (the employment figures will undoubtedly be false)– and despite the evidence the crowd will prefer to hear the fake news than the truth.

The interesting question is ‘Does Donald Know He Is Lying’?  Well, surely he must – but I am beginning to think he believes his own Fake news.