Easier to Walk Away

Sunday 25th November

I have always found it easier to walk away than fight to the bitter end.  It isn’t as if I have actually lost, because believe me, in an argument nobody wins.  Don’t get me wrong. It isn’t because I don’t care, and I usually put up a good argument to begin with, and drop in a few sarcastic points later.  It is just that there comes a point when I see no point in carrying on; you can see that you will never change their minds – and, of course, why should you – and so it seems easier to walk away.

Besides when you know you are right you don’t need the rest of the world to admit it.  And there is a strange comfort in stopping arguing, in no longer fighting, in resigning, even in admitting that the other person is probably right, or has a point.  So why do we fight in the first place – because it is almost universal human behaviour to disagree, and to defend oneself when attacked.  And without arguments the world would be a pretty dull place; in fact it can be argued that almost all human achievement has come after strong and often violent disagreements.

But I do not like arguments for argument’s sake.  There has to be a good reason to get into a row, and I prefer to avoid them.  Walking away is okay, as long as you are confident enough to know that you were right but it just wasn’t worth fighting about.

So next time you are in the middle of an argument, just think – is this really achieving anything; and try walking away.  Only watch out for missiles thrown by the winner, who just might suspect that by your unexpected behaviour they may have actually lost.