Friday 25th August

Is it just me, or does the World seem to be spinning faster.  The days go by in a whirr – weeks?  What were weeks?  And months – we are in August, and before we know it, it will be September.  And then the mad rush of Christmas and a New Year.

So, just what happens to the time.  All that time that used to drag on my hands as a child.  Watching the school clock behind the teacher’s head, seeing if I could catch the minute hand jump every sixty seconds.  Now, time just whizzes past.  I glance at my watch and cannot believe another hour has passed so quickly.

Is this just a symptom of growing old?  Does the time go faster the less of it you have left?  Or is just that there is so much happening in our lives that time itself seems to go faster.  Never have we lived in such a time of information.  A constant bombardment actually of information.  24 hour news, social media, e-mails to check…all of it makes the time go faster.  How rare it is for me to just sit and read a book for an afternoon.

Of course this is mostly my own fault.  The Café takes up at least half of every day, we could just walk away….but it has become such an important part of our life.  We meet our friends there, and besides where else could we get such a good cup of coffee in the morning.  Also, I don’t really need to write this blog every day.  But in a funny way I feel I have to.  One of my big faults (or virtues) is my stickability; once I have decided to do something, I just keep going like some demented dog tugging on a lead, never quite sure of my destination but eager to just keep on keeping on.

But all of this may mean nothing.  Everyone we talk to, even those who lead a remarkably idle life compared to us, also complain that time is literally flying past.

So, if time really does appear to be going faster the only solution is to cram even more stuff into your day.  Don’t waste a second.  Keep a book or a kindle handy for when you have to wait in a queue.  Never refuse any invitations, attend everything, keep yourself even busier than the busiest of buzzy bees.  It won’t make any difference but you may not even have the luxury then of even remarking how quickly the days are flowing past.