Blue denim hotpants (part 2)

Sunday 25th August

I have decided that I will no longer be a stick in the mud, pooh-poohing the latest fashions, choosing comfort over the latest trends.  Look out world here I come.  I have at last joined the world of high fashion and have absolutely no shame parading around in my new blue denim hotpants.

I shamelessly cut them down myself from an old pair of jeans, perfectly shaping them tight around the bum.  I must admit I do look quite sexy in them.

Actually I cut them down for painting in.  It really is too hot to wear jeans and I didn’t want to ruin a pair of shorts, so my old painting jeans from London were put to good use.  But I am not sure what the neighbours thought.  I did get some admiring glances but whether that was for my handiwork with the brush or for my splendid torso, rippling in the French sun I am not certain.  A bit of both I suspect.