Back To Normal Today

Wednesday 28th May

Well I recovered, and recovered some lost time too, painting the whole back of the house.  It looks great, clean and almost white, and making the windows and doors look even better.  There is nothing in life better than the satisfaction of a job well done.  There is a feeling that no matter what else one has no control over, that whatever perceived or real failings one may have, that even though you ache when you get out of a chair and are reminded of your age, the doing of something really well is wonderful.  So what if it will have to be redone in two years time, for now it looks great.

We are having un petite soiree tomorrow evening, inviting a few friends both English and French round for drinks and snacks.  So we have been buying blinis and smoked salmon and cheeses and cold meats.  We are quite good at parties I must admit, but this is our first French one.  First of many I hope.

Tonight we are going to the Pizzeria in town and I am looking forward to the best pizza in Eymet, and for miles around too.